QSware Tech

The modern apps
with advanced technology
and powerful inventions
to manage contacts very easily,
to view information timely,
created for AppleWatch,
iPhone, iPad and Mac-M.


Month Calendar

Interactive Calendar for all birthdays.
QsCalendar is the one and only app,
which uses Date Selectors to drive the UI.

Contacts Search

Show search results with contact photo,
Add birthday date for blue colored contacts.

Touch a photo to manage contact details,
Phone calls, video calls, send iMessages,
Map navigation & much more

Great design, Pixel precision,
Enriched with animations,
Super fast, Accurate & enjoyable.

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Any birhtday party?
Just glancing at Apple Watch face.

Show awesome lists dynamically.

Days & Time countdowns,
Until birthdays!

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App Store for Apple Watch Now!